Some celebs just never age. Or they seem to get younger. Besides cutting out the sugar and carbs, do you really want to commit to just your diet for a lifetime?

Well, sure. Healthy eating plays a big role in staying younger. But the thing is, there’s so much more you can do to keep the clock from ticking forward – and you don’t need a big bowl full of crazy potions and pills, either.

Here are a few things I practice daily to help me stay young, other than watching what I eat!

Quality Sleep

Sleep is when your body does its best repairing and healing work. Enough sleep is critical for superficial and deep repairs. That means everything from healing a pimple on your cheek to regenerating your adrenal glands.

Yes, a nap or a weekend lie-in does make a difference, but it’s your day-to-day sleep deprivation that encourages degeneration and aging. Not enough quality sleep weakens your immune system.

The key number is 8. You need at least 8 hours or more if you’re dealing with stress and health challenges.

Go easy on yourself

Studies show that stress actually results in physical changes to the body that can speed up the aging process. Surges in cortisol and adrenaline lead to a spike in blood pressure and a faster heartbeat. When stressors are unrelenting (think traffic jams, money woes, and job pressures) those chronic doses of adrenaline and cortisol take a toll on your body both physically and emotionally.

It’s reported that the majority of doctor’s visits every year are related to obsessive anger, insomnia, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and hostility all caused by stress.

The most effective way to keep stress levels down and aging at bay is to go easy on yourself. I love meditation for this.

Once a day, I sit quietly for just 10 to 20 minutes, close my eyes, relax my body, and breathe. Every time I exhale, I repeat a mantra. If other thoughts try to pop in, I let them go.

Then, slowly I allow my daily thoughts back into my mind. If I feel I just can’t switch off enough to meditate, I practice yoga or, if I feel really worked up from a rough day, I hit the road for a run. But whatever I do, I focus on my breathing and trying to let go of my thoughts. It’s my way of telling myself “hey, it’s okay to switch off and chill.”

Keep Active

Speaking of running, I just can’t ignore the antiaging, stress-smashing benefits of regular exercise. I know running isn’t for everyone, and sometimes traditional cardio sessions can feel like torture. But the thing is, you need to find something you enjoy doing for you. Something that makes you feel good.

You don’t even need a gym contract. Maybe you want to go walking with the family or play a round of tennis – whatever it is, the trick is to keep moving.

Your skin

There are loads of things you can do to keep your skin youthful and glowing. Make sure you never step out the front door without a good quality sun block, use the right lotions and potions for your skin type, and take vitamins to combat signs of aging and prevent new wrinkles and lines.

Mental aerobics

While looking after your body is essential, the same goes for your mind. Studies show that brain exercises help prevent cognitive decline and you can even rewire your brain to improve your memory!

Try strengthening your mind every day with a crossword puzzle or a quiz – anything that gets that grey matter moving.

Have fun

Deep breathing helps me relax enough to get a decent night’s sleep. Working out gets my heart pumping and keeps my joints supple and young. I take vitamins, I apply sunblock and I do everything I can to keep the hands of time from moving. But most importantly, I focus on fun.

Surround yourself with positive people and keep looking for ways to find fun and positive.

You’ll be surprised at just how young it keeps you!

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