Many of us have a few insurance plans, health, home, car insurance to name a few Are you using the perks through health insurance that are offered when it comes to your health and fitness. These days, plenty of insurers offer added extras or incentives for living a healthy lifestyle.


Insurers trend toward prevention of diseases and illnesses with a good gap health insurance or others. From weight loss surgery stop-smoking programs and discounts on gym memberships, your insurer wants you to get up off the couch and get healthy. Whether it’s in the form of discounts, rewards or cashback, there are ways to make sure you’re making the most of your perks.

More and more insurance companies, as you can see on this original site, have started partnering up with health clubs to offer discounted memberships or specials on certain services, and you can continue reading more about it. These benefits usually cover everyone, from policyholders with chronic medical conditions to the super-fit and healthy. So, it makes no difference if you’re a regular gym-goer who works out every day or if you suffer from hypertension or diabetes and can only walk for a few minutes at a time.


The advantage of preventive benefits and other health insurance extras. Some of the most common incentives insurers offer.
  1. Weight loss programs
Not all insurance policies will cover weight loss programs, but I’ve noticed a change in this trend. In fact, there are a few insurance providers who offer discounts on programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, and those that offer favorable discounts on certain food brands to help you not only save on your grocery expenses but to also encourage you to eat healthily. Schedule an appointment on Pain Clinic Kansas City Missouri to take care of your health.
  1. Gym memberships
I’m noticing that more and more health plans are including decent discounts (think along the lines of 10% to 50%) on certain health club memberships. So, if your nearest gym usually charges around $30 per month, you could save as much as $15 a month if you use your health insurance benefit. The saving alone should encourage you to get up and get moving. Some health plans will reward you with points each time you scan your membership at the gym. Accumulate enough points and you can look forward to an even heftier discount or benefits.
  1. Massages
Keeping stress at bay is part of keeping yourself healthy, and health insurance companies recognize this. That’s why some insurers offer discounts on orthopedic massages at certain participating facilities. I’ve seen as much as 25% savings on massages when you take advantage of your policy extras and also you can get one
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  1. Vitamins and Supplements
There are those insurance providers who have partnered with wellness brands to bring you generous savings on vitamins and natural supplements. Some will even offer free shipping and other discounts if you shop online using your insurance policy number.
  1. Fitness Trackers
Most of us have fitness trackers in some form or other. Check your health insurance policy, your provider may just offer a discount on trackers or even policy discounts for reaching certain fitness goals each month.
  1. Stop Smoking Programs
A few insurers cover stop-smoking programs. If your insurance policy doesn’t cover something like this, talk with your doctor about quitting when you pop in for a routine physical, and the visit will be covered. Those health policies that do help with the cost of stop-smoking programs that include counseling can save you hundreds (not to mention how much you’ll save when you finally kick the habit).

Have you ever found out what wellness benefits your health insurance provider offers? Get in touch with them to find out – it could just be the boost of motivation you’ve been looking for.


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