This page is for YOU! (I will continue to tweak the page as we learn). If you would like to be added, please let me know via email mark(at)marksalinas(dot)com. Include the link to your site, a short description of your site( i.e. Weight Loss Journey) and if there is a specific category that you would like it to fall under.

Potential categories (please provide feedback!)Health, Life, Parenting, Mommy Blogger,Nutrition, Fitness, Random……

FiTCETERA – weight loss journey

AllAboutHabits – weight loss journey

Jungle of Life – life journey

A Life Less Sweet – healthy eating journey

Healing with (Raw) Juices – healthy eating journey

A Life Change – healthy lifestyle journey

Blake Hagen – healthy lifestyle journey

Fit Together – fitness journey

HomeFitnessBody – healthy lifestyle journey

Biggest Diabetic Loser – weightloss journey

Fertilehealthy -healthy lifestyle journey

Nurture Our Child with Love and Patience – childhood development journey

The Tiger’s Pride – life journey

Zen Ventures – life journey