There are a couple of things that are more motivating to your fitness routine other than the fact that summer is finally here.

Firstly, it’s “bikini” season – we all want to look beach-body ready. Secondly, the weather is stunning and it’s time to get outside and get moving.

So, really, who wants to be stuck in a gym lit by unflattering fluorescent light bulbs when it’s just gorgeous outside? Definitely not me.

If you’re not a particularly big fan of working out outdoors, or just need a little push after your winter hibernation, here are a few things that will make your outdoor fitness more comfortable and a whole lot easier.

The workout gear

Whether you play seasonal sports of workout outside, you need to make sure you have the right gear. During the warmer months, make sure to choose fabrics that let your skin breathe and that will wick away the sweat. You should aim for cool, comfortable clothing that lets you move freely.

Don’t forget to protect your face. Wear a hat whenever you head outside to keep your skin free from sun damage (and ultimately wrinkles).

If it’s wet or windy, you want to be covered, too, so you don’t have to miss a workout. If it’s a bit miserable out, wear an outer layer to protect your skin from the elements. Either way, you’re going to work up a sweat, so you want to wear clothing that’s as comfortable as possible and designed for heavy exercise.

If you’re planning on evening workouts, it’s important that you’re visible to traffic and other pedestrians. Neon gear is the way to go – again, choose workout clothing that’s comfortable and soaks up the sweat, but make sure you can be seen in it.
  1. An outdoor yoga mat
Many yoga studios like to take things outdoors in the summer. I can’t think of anything better than perfecting your poses in the park or on the beach, so make sure you have a mat that can handle the elements and will still keep you comfy during your sessions.
  1. Fitness app
You don’t need to spend on a formal trainer or group fitness class anymore. There are tons upon tons of fitness apps you can download to your smartphone. There’s everything from fast, effective workout apps to meditation and mindfulness, strength training, cardio and everything in between. All you have to do is choose the right app for your workout needs and you’re good to go.
  1. A Smartphone holder
Speaking of downloading workout apps to your phone, get yourself a phone holder. There’s nothing more annoying than running with your phone in your hand or getting those headphone wires tangles. Grab yourself a waterproof case that fits snugly around your arm and keeps your hands free for your training.
  1. A Good Pair of Sunglasses
There are a couple of things to think about when it comes to sunglasses for your outdoor training. For instance, you might like anti-fog lenses that don’t steam up when you sweat. Or UV protection to protect your eye from the sun. You may even want to consider traction grip to keep your sunglasses from slipping when you’re running of dropping for those pushups.
  1. Water bottle
Those temperatures are starting to rise and staying hydrated when you workout is vital. Look out for easy to carry water bottles with handles so if you’re hiking, running or just working out in the park, you always have H2O at hand.
  1. Sun Block
Did you know that you get high-performance, sweat-proof sunblock? We do, and it’s exactly what you need to protect your skin when you head outdoors for a session.
  1. A Fitness tracker
Thanks to the myriad of fitness trackers on the market today, keeping fit has never been easier or more motivating. You can track your heart rate and steps with a stylish fitness watch that keeps you going, even helping you take your workouts up a notch when you need to.

Once you’ve kitted yourself out for your workouts, you’ll find working out outdoors is so much easier and a whole lot more comfortable. After all, it’s the little things that count when it comes to finding fitness motivation!


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Image: Pexels