Do you find meditation really hard? You’re not alone.

It took me years of practice every day before the balance shifted from a battle to a blissful and steady state of meditation. I’d either drift off to sleep, dull out or even forget what I was doing.

I have learned there are a couple of simple reasons why we find meditation hard, and sometimes you just need to address one or two of these things to break the barrier.

As someone who has finally achieved a relaxing and rewarding state of meditation, I thought you might like a little help.

For one thing, you might be making meditation harder than it really has to be.

Meditation simplified.

If you’re battling with your meditation, could you be doing one or more of these things?
  1. Are you choosing the meditation that works for you?
You don’t need special clothes, unbroken periods of time or even dedicated spaces for meditation. What’s more, you might just be trying the wrong type of meditation. In fact, there are different ways to begin your meditation journey. Knowing that, and knowing what you prefer, can help you choose a type of mediation that just “clicks” for you.
  1. You’re spending too much time meditating
Even just 5 breathes is better than nothing. Studies show that meditation starts to rewire your brain after just 20 minutes of practice a day. If that seems like a reach for you, don’t stress! Even a few minutes a day is enough to get you started. If you can only manage 10 minutes, do it!
  1. You think you need to totally switch off
It’s not true. You don’t need to leave the world behind. Meditation is about mental training. It’s accessible. You can do it whenever you want to, wherever you want to – even while savoring a cup of coffee or just taking a pause to ground yourself before answering the phone.

One thing’s for sure, mediation needs to be practiced routinely for it to get easier.

Make meditation easier
  1. Start now
The trick to developing any habit is to take the first step. Do it right now – don’t put it off until after.
  1. Cut out distractions
You don’t need to shut the world out, but you can try turning off the TV and making sure you won’t be distracted for the time you plan to mediate.
  1. Minimize light
I find I meditate easier in a dark room. It helps me to be fully present. The brighter it is, the harder I find it to keep my eyes closed and my mind quiet.
  1. Use an app
If I’m battling to focus, I use a handy meditation app. It helps track my progress and it just makes the entire habit that much easier. Best of all, if I’m pushed for time, there are meditations as short as 3 minutes.
  1. Try guided meditations
Along with apps, try guided meditations where someone talks you through the experience. I found these really helped me when I first started out. Honestly, I thought meditation would never get easier. I thought I was meant to block out every distraction and totally blank my thoughts. Turns out it’s the wrong approach.

Once I discovered guided meditations, it was the stepping stone I needed to practice more regularly.

Don’t quit – just keep trying!

Meditation can be hard, especially if you don’t give yourself the time to develop the habit. With consistency and the right type of meditation for you, it can quickly become a habit that makes up a big part of your life.

Don’t give up if you miss a day or struggle to settle down. Remember, meditation takes time and practice. Be patient about cultivating this principle, and you’re sure to reap amazing benefits. I know I have.

Remember, the time to start is right now. Go and try an app or just 3 minutes of deep breathing and see how you feel. I can’t wait to hear about your journey.


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