Transition through tough times, through each door


You’ve just finished up at your old job and you’re getting ready to start a new one. Now what?

You’ve recently lost your best friend and spouse. What do you do now?

You’ve moved from your family home to be with the person of your dreams in another city and you’re finding it difficult to adjust. What’s next?

I know just how hard change can be. But, it’s also life-altering and life-giving.

After all, life’s all about change.

According to Psychology Today, some transitions hit you with no warning. They can be dramatic, serious, and trigger stress you never knew you had.

Other transitions come from amazing experiences, like walking down the aisle, graduating from college, giving birth or starting your dream job. While these kinds of events are planned and anticipated, they’re just as life-altering as unexpected transitions.

Whether a transition is positive or negative, it can mean leaving behind the comfortable and familiar and having to adjust to something new. They leave you feeling unprepared and, very often, thrown into some sort of crisis or bout of anxiety or anger.

Fortunately, there are ways to get through those tough times.

Transitioning Through Tough Times
  1. Expect to feel negative emotions
Transitions are hard. You’re going to feel anxious and even depressed. A change is a change.

Whether you’re ending a relationship, suffering the loss of a loved one or changing careers, you’re leaving something behind that’s familiar and comfortable. In fact, it creates a psychological state of grief. If the change is an unwanted and unexpected one, the depression or shock may be greater. And then comes the anxiety.

Accept that things are going to be uncomfortable, sad, worrying. Only once you can accept that change brings on negative emotions, can you work through those emotions and, I promise you, you’ll come out much brighter, lighter, and accepting.
  1. Appreciate change
Getting stuck in life’s grind is actually detrimental to your cognitive growth. Changes in your routine can actually be stimulating to your nervous system. In other words, if you’re in a rut, or you’re faced with a transition period, embrace it. Face it head-on and just know that you’re going to learn so much about life and yourself along the way.
  1. It’s always okay to ask for help
Whether you reach out to your friends, family, a counselor or anyone else you can think of – have the courage to ask for help. By being vulnerable, you give yourself the chance to open up to change, and you’ll be surprised just how many people are willing to help you through the tough times.

Just broken up with a long-time partner? Let your friends know how you’re feeling. I’ll bet you they will get you up and about and back to your happy self in no time at all.

Lost a loved one in an accident? Reach out to a support group who can relate to what you’re going through.

Creating moments like spending time with others can help you transition through the tough times more than you might realize right now.
  1. Journal
It’s no secret I love journaling. It’s been a massively great pillar in everything from my fitness journey to the tougher times in life, and it continues to be my go-to. I always find that writing my feelings down in minute detail releases tension and emotion and provides tons of perspective.
  1. Work out
Just the way journaling helps me through things, exercise is a big factor in my ability to pull myself out of a funk or get through tougher times.

During times of transition, it’s so easy to let yourself go, grab the junk food, and give up on your workouts. Don’t do that!

Treat yourself to a daily dose of movement, get the heart rate up, and you’re sure to feel invigorated and clear-headed, which is exactly what you need.
  1. Concentrate on the payoffs
Finally, think about what you’ve learned from other transitions in your life. What did you gain? What did you learn about yourself? (Remember, there are no regrets in life – only lessons).

Transitions can be a chance to overcome your fears and learn how to deal with uncertainties. They’re unique times to toss off the old as you step into the new.

While everyone’s circumstances and transitions are different, the attitudes and skills we need to successfully move ahead are the same – be positive, be patient, be introspective and embrace the change.


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