It is Link Love Friday and time to announce our 3 Exercise Anywhere – NURU card winners! First some Link Love…

*Remember to include a site and web address in your comments that you want Stumbled..

Let’s start with a quiz for you parents, how much do you know about helping your kids learn healthy eating habits? Take the quick quiz, Healthy Kids Diet..How did you do?.What do you consider fast food around the world? Fast Food of the World. Part I & Fast Food of the World Part II Very interesting!

………..Of course a journey or three! Blake shares some proud moments as a new papa, The Kids are Watching.. Ms. Turtle has some changes along her journey Facing the Facts About Change… Tigerlilly Continues to persevere along her journey, Week 2.

Your journey is what this is all about! If you have a moment please visit Blake, Ms.Turtle and Tigerlilly to pass along some positivity!.

Now for our 3, Exercise Anywhere – NURU card winners!

We put your names into a cap and picked…

Felice, Liza767 and bobbi!

Congratulations to you three! Please send an email to mark(at)marksalinas(dot)com and include a mailing address.

Thank you all for your comments! Have a fantastic weekend!