Product Giveaway and challenge!

The folks at NURU were kind enough to share a cool little product…actually a little deck of cards called Exercise Anywhere that helps us keep in shape without the use of standard exercise equipment. The NURU Exercise Anywhere cards offer exercises for the whole body, that includes tips, healthy information and much more! I was impressed with the cards mainly because the steps to perform each exercise are simple and FUN! Each week we like to get it started with a quick, effective workout. This go round we will include a giveaway. Friends at mizfitonline, Every Gym’s Nightmare, Roni’s Weigh and Training for a Half did a NURU-Exercise Anywhere deck giveaway. Guess what? You have another chance to win!


First let’s pick three exercises from the NURU-Exercise Anywhere deck to get the burn on:

*Squat Thrusts (card # 29)

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and squat down, hands in front of your feet.

2. Keeping your hands on the ground, jump back into push-up position.

3. With your hands still in their original position jump forward to the original squat position, and stand.

*Seated Tricep Dip (card #22)

1. Sit on a bench or chair, with your hands beside your hips. Lift yourself onto your hands, and move your body forward, so that you are suspended in front of the chair or bench.

2. Lower yourself slowly toward the ground, as though trying to sit on the floor. Don’t bend your arms too far (beyond 90 degrees): you don’t want to strain your shoulders. Pause, and push back to starting position.

*Shoulder Rotations (card # 18)

(Grab a couple of filled water bottles or easy-to-hold cans of food)

1. Stand with the cans in your hands, your arms bent at 90-degree angles from your body, your elbows slightly lower than your shoulders.

2. Slowly rotate your forearms so that your hands arc downward toward the floor. Keep your upper arms motionless: your elbows should be doing the rotating.

3. At the bottom of the rotation, pause then rotate your hands back to starting position.

I rotated through each exercise in 30 second increments, 4 times each. I definitely felt the burn!

Now for the giveaway!

**Thanks to NURU we will have three winners! To enter in the Nuru-Exercise Anywhere deck giveaway, just leave a comment and/or do the three exercises and/or link back to here and/or send someone else to enter (you can have multiple entries).


Additional information for NURU products.

*Included with the exercise itself, each card offers helpful tips and pictures not displayed here.

** The 3 names will be drawn on Link Love Friday, 4/03/2009.