Do you like nuts? Sure they are a bit high in calories BUT according to various studies they do offer many health benefits along with increasing the metabolism. Personally I like to include nuts into my snack throughout the day.

So which nuts?

Almonds– Have the most calcium of any nut, and plenty of vitamin E …also “heart healthy” fat. My favorite snack throughout the day.

Peanuts– Lots of protein. I grab a handful before my workout.

Pistachios-*Contains plenty of the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are stored in the retina and help maintain good vision.  An ounce of pistachios has as much protein as an egg. I prefer a handful after a workout. Sometimes it can be a challenge for me to only have ONE handful of these!

Walnuts– *High in omega-3 alphalinoleic acid, it helps stop inflammation of the body and helps prevent coronary heart disease. I don’t eat walnuts because my son is HIGHLY allergic to them. Apparently you might want to include a handful with a steak dinner, ” They’ve been shown to reduce the injury that a high-fat meal does on your arteries,” says Dr. Robert Vogel, chief medical director at Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa.

Cashews– Contains 5 grams of protein per ounce and high levels of the essential minerals iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and manganes. Moderation is key with this nut, I will have a handful occasionally.

*One serving size (roughly a handful) is all you need to get the benefits.

Stick with raw or plain to avoid the sodium.

Health benefits along with a good snack Go Nuts!

Do you have a favorite nut?


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