We all have a journey that has various paths along the way, some path’s include weight, a loss of a loved one, living a healthier lifestyle, financial challenges and much, much more. Our guest today has faced some very tough obstacles along her journey. Enough said….I will let her share with you in her own words, please welcome Maricris!

In our journey in life, we encounter so many roadways in our travels. Some overly populated roads, some just perfect and scenic, some plain crazy, some are fun and then there’s the road less traveled… It is the road, where if we have a choice, we will not have to. Yet once or twice in our lives, destiny makes us to. And this is where I’m traveling now…this is my story…this is my life right nowNot too long ago,my husband lost his job due to the bad economy. I could have cursed the economy, bitched and whined about how life has treated us poorly but I chose not to partake in that. I’d rather spend my time and energy focusing on the positive and bright things in life. No matter how glum and bleak the day ahead of us looked. I know that as human beings, it is easy for us to dwell on the negative things rather than the positive which only aggravates us physically, driving us into depression and making us prisoners of our own self-destructive ways! It is such a vicious cycle! I am no superhero. I did cry. I was sad but I did not let misery take control of me. Instead my family and I took control of our situation! We sacrificed a few things here and there to make us capable of braving the storm that came our way and try to survive it in one piece. I told my husband that we may not have all the little luxuries we use to enjoy in life but at least, “we still have each other”… It was a powerful summation of assurance that nothing else in this world matters for as long as we have each other. That whatever comes our way, we’ll brave it together and we’ll survive it together…

Our lives went on partly unfazed from that fateful day, I focused on my jewelry-making and crafty side to help make ends meet, and just when we thought we we’re getting along fine surviving this treacherous road, we hit another roadblock. Last week, my employer scaled my work down from full-time to part-time! It was a major blow to us especially since my husband is still unemployed and we’re barely making ends meet and now this! It drove us deeper into the danger zone of this hazardous road. You’re probably imagining I’m definitely cursing and swearing at the world now but alas no! I refuse to give up! For as long as I’m standing on my own two feet, I will keep on fighting (imagine me with tears now – I do get emotional, I’m human afterall) until I find that light at the end of this dark road.This tumultuous journey in our lives has brought us blessings in return. We found out who our friends were, and found out that people do care. Generous people who were good Samaritans and bestowed help anonymously at that. This is a life changing experience and humbling too. Tough times will be amidst us but I have faith that it will get better…we’ll reach the end of this road no matter how long it takes…To some this may be a sad story but to me I can only think of it as a story of perseverance and lots of faith…For as long as what my husband affirmed to me in return still holds true ( when I told him the sad news) :  “you still got us and we still have each other” …we’ll get through this. We”ll be scarred, we’ll suffer a bit, but we’ll survive it…

On a happier note, one of the roads I travel to in life is about to end. Today, November 6th, my final league with the Immigration has finally commenced. Today, I am Alien no more.For more updates on my journeys, follow my blog at Zen Ventures And to check my creative & crafty creations, visit: Golden Flower Creations and remember, if you ever end up in that road less traveled, fear not, you’re not alone! Who knows you might see us there! 🙂

Thank you Mark for this opportunity to share my journey. And to those who read it, Thank you. Remember us in prayer during the Holidays…Maricris


Thank you Maricris for sharing so much of your story with us! What a fantastic journey, without a doubt your challenges are only making you stronger!