I have a challenge for you today. Have you tried Ladder Push ups?

First see: How to do a Proper Push-Up

The challenge: Start with 1 pushup take a 5 second break holding in the up position…. do 2 pushups , take a 5 second break…. now do 3 pushups take a 5 second break, do this all the way up to 10* and back down to 1. Try starting out on your feet and hands, switching to your knees once/if you lose form. You might also want to increase your break in between to 10 seconds. When you are complete you will have completed 110 pushups!

……..You could also start with the ladder pushups at an incline on a chair, table etc. <—-Incline push up

Additional information on push ups:

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Are you ready to give it a try?

Stay healthy and NEVER give up on your journey!

*If push ups have been absent from your routine for awhile, modify the number…do up to 3-5 and back down to 1