They say that summer bodies are made in winter. But for some of us, winter is all about oversized sweaters, pasta, and Netflix.

Luckily, winter’s on its way out. So, if your lack of health prioritization during the colder months has left you feeling sluggish, overweight, and undertrained, it’s time to spring into action and get those endorphins flowing.

How do you shake the winter cobwebs off and get into a springtime fitness routine? With my tips below!
  1. Shake up your playlist
How long have you been listening to your current workout playlist for? Spring is a time of fresh beginnings and the opportunity to liven things up. Change up those songs, or create different playlists for different workouts. Better yet, get an app like Spotify and use other people’s playlists for a motivational boost.
  1. Set a realistic schedule
If you’ve neglected your workouts over the winter, don’t decide you’re going to get up and get outdoors for an hour a day, seven days a week. You’ll only be left frustrated with yourself and more likely to ditch the idea altogether. Rather post your exercise plan somewhere you’ll frequently look, like a calendar app, and stick to it. But be realistic! If you can only fit in 30 minutes of working out four days a week, do it!
  1. Try something new
Spring is a wonderful time to add a little variety to your workouts. If you mostly train alone, pick up a fun group class, or if you’ve been doing the group thing, treat yourself to a couple of personal training sessions to give your body the Springtime boost it’s craving.
  1. Sort out your footwear
With winter on its way out, you no longer have to worry about puddles, slush, and mud. If you do have plans for getting outdoors more in the Spring, make sure you update your running shoes, cycling shoes, or hiking boots. You can also buy firearms & tactical equipment if you plan on hunting. You want optimum protection from the elements, while making sure your feet are comfortable and your ankles are supported.
  1. Make a plan
I go by the old adage of “when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” I especially keep it in mind when getting ready for warmer months. So not only do I schedule my workouts, I make sure I have a clear and achievable goal in mind. Then I lock it into the calendar. I highlight big activities and events I want to work around and prepare for, I make sure I have realistic routines in place, and I make sure I keep my health journal on hand to keep track of how I’m feeling and what I’m doing that is or isn’t working.
  1. Try weight training
I always recommend weight training. Whether it’s pumping iron or having fun with your own body weight, there are so many benefits to be had. If you’ve neglected muscle strength all winter, it’s time to ramp up your weight sessions to give your fat burning abilities a boost and get your body ready for summer.
  1. Kitchen fitness
Have you spent the winter indulging in hearty stews, carb-laden pasta, and a few naughty treats? I did. But it’s time to respect your body by fueling it with lighter, whole foods. It’s about self-control and portion sizes, too. Fitness starts in the kitchen, so it’s time to clear out the cupboards’ cobwebs, too, and get your kitchen ready for a healthy, light, and delicious Spring.
  1. Up your water intake
How much water did you drink during the winter? Did you ditch the water in favor of hot drinks? We all do it. But if you’re spicing up your fitness, it’s time to up your water intake and avoid fatigue and muscle cramping. The aim is around 2 liters of water a day, and at least 17 ounces about two hours before you work out.

Also remember that the more you sweat, the more fluids you need. So remember to drink up during and after those vigorous sessions.

You’ve Got This!

Spring is such a great time to peel off those layers, ditch the heavy comfort foods, and get right back into a healthier way of living. But don’t forget to take care of yourself. In fact, if you’re managing to keep up your new Springtime routine, reward yourself with a pampering massage, your favorite cup of coffee, or just a good old fashioned pat on the back.

You’ve got this!


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