Many of us do not drink enough water through the day. We know we’re supposed to do it, we know it’s good for us, but we forget, or we just get busy.

Yet, it’s still important to drink water.

Now, imagine not drinking any liquids for at least 8 hours.

That’s what you do while you’re sleeping, or not do, as the case may be. While you’re asleep, you body gradually becomes dehydrate.

There are plenty of sources out there that say we should start our day off with around 16oz of water before we do or consume anything else.

It’s Big In Japan

In Japan, it’s completely common to drink two whole glasses of water as soon as you wake up. The Japanese believe that doing this can help cure a wide range of diseases and provide plenty of other benefits.

I think they’re on to something.

As a nation, Japan boasts the greatest longevity. They currently have more than 50,000 residents who are 100 years or older.

So, let’s take a look at what drinking water as soon as you wake up can do for you and your health.
  1. Rehydrate When You Wake Up
Those 6 to 8 hours of sleep you get is a long time for your body to go without water. Drinking one or two glasses of water as soon as you get up in the morning is the perfect way to rehydrate your body. How many of you reach for the coffee first? Many of us do and, yes, it’s a good enough source of antioxidants, but caffeine is also dehydrating. Offset the rehydration by rehydrating with water first.
  1. Goodbye Toxins
Drinking water urges your bowels to do what they’re intended to do. During the night, the body repairs itself, but it also casts out all sorts of toxins into the body. When you drink water first thing in the morning, while your stomach is empty, you can flush out the harmful toxins, starting your day healthy and fresh.
  1. Rev Up Your Metabolism
If you’re trying to lose weight or keep it off, water is your BFF. But, drinking H2O as soon as you wake up is the way to do it.

Think of drinking your morning water as an alarm clock for your metabolism. Your morning glass or two will kick start your metabolism and may even increase calorie burning potential for the day ahead.

The benefits don’t stop there, though. The water will fill you up and keep hunger at bay, so you can make smarter breakfast choices.

Starting your day with smart choices sets you up for a day of smarter choices, and this is a powerful momentum.
  1. Fight Off Infections
Your body has a unique immune system that helps fight against infections and diseases. Drinking water on an empty stomach can increase your body’s efficiency to fight off infections. According to medical professionals in Japan, having water upon rising can help cure a myriad of ailments such as arthritis, headaches, epilepsy, heart ailments, body aches, excess fat, TB, urine diseases and a host of other diseases.
  1. Fuel for the Brain
Hydration is paramount for daily productivity. Your brain is made up of a staggering 73% of water, so keeping your body hydrated is essential for maximum brain activity. It’s a day-long process, though. Yet, starting the day with a glass or two of refreshing water is the perfect starting block. The mornings set the tone for the rest of your day. If you wake up feeling sluggish and foggy-headed, it reflects in your activity, your routine, and your workday productivity.
  1. It’s Simple Refreshing
Lastly, partaking in a glass or two of water right after waking up will kick start your day with you feeling refreshed. I find there’s nothing more refreshing than waking up all dry-mouthed and groggy and enjoying one of life’s purest substances to get me going.

My two glasses of water in the morning revitalize me, and I feel clean and crisp afterwards – ready for my workout and the day ahead.

Will you be starting your day with a glass of water from now on?


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