You know what is fascinating about life? The fact that no matter where you go in this world, there are a few struggles we can all relate to. From not having the means to do something, to feeling overweight and lethargic, to even the feeling of heartbreak, it’s safe to safe that as different as we are, we’re also similar.

While many people choose to use their issues to dive into negative and emotional conversations about how bad life is, others use uncomfortable situations to fuel greater things. They’re called role models.

Role models inspire us to become better people, and I’m a big believer in the fact that who you have been doesn’t have to be who you are now. Also, who you are today doesn’t have to determine who you are in the future.

In other words, with the right role models, you can turn your path in life into something great, and in turn, you can be your very own role model.

That’s one of the most awesome things about being humans. We get to decide who we want to be. We’re always crafting our future self.

But, while your role models are out there being amazing, are you really crafting your ideal self? In fact, how conscious are you of the self you are creating at this moment? Are you becoming the best person you want to be? The person you’d look up to?

Deciding who you want to be matters

We make choices every single day, some are tiny, others are momentous. All those choices add up to who you are now, and who you’re likely to be tomorrow.

Whether it’s deciding what’s for lunch or how to address your frustrating manager, you have hundreds of chances each day to be the best and most admirable version of you.

Without conscious direction, you’re just leaving your identity to patterns and forces beyond your control. The so-called career you stumbled into, your history if disappointment, even the neighborhood you live in – these all determine who you are, which is why it’s important to consciously decide to choose them for yourself. They shape you.

That much-spoken about marvel of waking up one day to realize you’re not particularly in love with the life you’re living is very real. It happens when you fail to actively choose who you want to be. Without a strong and directed captain at the helm, a ship capsizes. The same goes for your life.

Think about your role models. I bet they chose their career paths. They decide how they want to live their lives. You can, too. If you want to be a better person, more fulfilled, you need to be proactive about it happening.

The key is to be aware of each and every choice you make and then use it to build yourself into your own role model. Some decisions will swiftly move you toward the person you want to be. Others may not.

The good news is that when you consider each and every decision as a building block, you know that the next decision is just around the corner and you’re taking an active role in creating yourself each step of the way.

Only you can live your life

I guess it’s nice to idolize role models. But at the end of the day, they’re not the ones making choices for you. They probably aren’t even concerned with how you achieve your goals.

Your life is your responsibility. When you truly see yourself as your own role model, you’ll quickly realize that no one knows you like you do. Especially when it comes to making those choices. Once you become the best version of yourself, you can find the motivation and courage to make even bolder choices.

It’s your journey

Do you see your future self as someone to look up to one day? You should. You should also start acting towards becoming your own role model.

Don’t analyze how other people live their lives. They’re not the protagonist in your narrative. At best, they’re your supporting cast. You are your story’s hero. It’s up to you to live each day making the right choices.

Don’t waste time on things that will divert you from becoming the very best version of you. Sure, learn from your role models. But, become your own person – the best you that you can be!


“I am going going to make you so proud” -Note to self


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