A helping hand can teach you a lot about yourself

How often do you find yourself figuring out ways to grow?

We all have dreams and goals.

But, what if that’s all wrong? What if all this “me, me, me” is slowing hampering your progress?

What if you could stop thinking about yourself so much and start spending time helping others?

Khalil Gibran quotes, “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It’s when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

So true!

Research shows that focusing on helping others helps us learn a great deal about ourselves.

Doing Good Does Us Good

Further research has found plenty of examples of how doing good feels good and does you good, too.

For example, volunteering provides many well-being and depression-lowering benefits.

There’s even neural evidence out there that suggests a link between happiness and generosity in your brain. For instance, donating money to a charity close to your heart activates the same areas of your brain that respond to monetary rewards.

What’s more, it’s been discovered that helping other people be happy, helps us be happy.

This is the biggest and the most important lesson I’ve learned about myself from helping others.

But, there have been a few other things I’ve learned along the way.

Doing Good Feels Great

It’s been said already but doing good makes me feel great. By helping others, I feel better about myself. Seeing someone smile or tears of joy fills my heart.

Karma Really Does Go Both Ways

Too often, we think of karma in a negative way. If you do bad, bad comes knocking at your door.

But, it works the other way, too. I find that when I help other people, good things seem to happen.

You may not subscribe to the idea of a universe that rewards good deeds and intentions, yet there’s something to be said about how helping other people has changed my perspective.

When I help others, I feel better about myself, and I find that it increases the chances of my next experience being a good one.

Helping Others Fosters Gratitude

Helping other people brings a deep appreciation of all that you have in life. When I help others, I’m reminded of what really matters. I notice the smaller moments or things that bring me joy.

You Don’t Have to be Anything Sensational

When I help people, I don’t feel the pressure to be anything special. I don’t need to think about how I dress, how I look, how witty I am. I don’t even need anything fascinating to talk about.

I just need an open heart and the willingness to connect with another person. To care. To lift them up for a little while and let them know I am there for them.

Something for Something

Whenever I’ve helped someone, they’ve helped me in some way. It’s the basic, unspoken agreement of quid pro quo or something for something.

It’s so much easier to find help when someone knows you’re likely to do the same for them. It seems that when you help enough people, it’s given back when it’s most needed.

So, how can you start helping others so that you can begin a journey towards growth and self-awareness?

Here are my 3 ideas.

3 Ways You Can Start Helping Others Now
  1. Pay It Forward
You’ve heard of the concept of pay it forward, haven’t you? Help a random strange. Do something for someone else. That’s what it’s all about. Whether you pay for the guy behind you in Starbucks’ coffee, or you cover a table’s bill at a restaurant without asking for anything in return, go out there and pay it forward today.
  1. Help Someone You Know
Whether you offer to babysit your niece, lend a little time to your friend who’s moving, or give someone a ride somewhere, doing something for a person you know will make you feel great and, quid pro quo, plant seeds for later should you need help.
  1. Volunteer Time
There are so many organizations and groups in every community that need people to help keep their programs running. This is a great way to help others. You get to pick a cause you genuinely care about and help in a way that is most impactful to you.

These are just 3 ideas. The ways you can help others are endless.

It’s about shifting your mindset from self-service to helping other people. Take baby steps.

You’ll be amazed at how helping others will help you get ahead in life with a positive attitude and a massive happiness boost!


“If you can, help others; if you cannot do that, at least do not harm them.”
-Dalai Lama


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Image: Pexels