Should you be placing more emphasis on body or mind?

Mental stimulation and physical activity go hand-in-hand to protect your mental skills and keep dementia at bay. But, is one more effective than the other?

Experts say it can be difficult to tell. Many studies have not yet addressed this particular question according to Harvard experts.

Let’s look at it this way; Physical activity improves your mental wellbeing, yet both mental and physical activities are important for protecting your thinking skills and all-around sanity.

So, can one really trump the other?

It’s certainly a question I find myself pondering. When I’m working out, or taking a walk, or even just trying to complete a Sudoku puzzle, I wonder if I can preserve my thinking skills. If I do more of one activity than the other, like ramp up my training, or doing more puzzles, which is best?

The Difference Between Physical and Mental Fatigue

Physical and mental fatigue seem to be governed by different underlying processes. After all, we know, logically, that they are separate biological functions. Yet, it does seem that they coexist.

I find that whenever I’m physically exhausted from a tough workout, I may struggle to lift something heavy, yet my concentration and alertness is fairly intact. I guess that’s because some research shows us that physical activity can have a positive effect on mental performance.

But, if I’ve had a bad night’s sleep and I’m mentally drained, my alertness suffers, but I can, with some effort, still get through my daily workout – only just.

Physical Activity Is Good for Body and Mind

Research shows that physical activity releases chemicals in the brain that make you feel good. In turn, you get a self-esteem boost, you can concentrate better, and your sleep is improved.

Being active doesn’t mean having a top-of-the-range gym membership and all the gear. There are plenty of ways to keep active and all of them can help boost your mental wellbeing.

In fact, you can achieve a well balanced physical and mental boost when your body and mind are going in the same direction at the same time. Finding a way to accomplish this every day can be a challenge.

We’re all hustling and bustling on life’s treadmill. Every second we’re bombarded with information, and it gets tougher and tougher to avoid the daily requirements of living in a modern world.

The trick is to couple your physical and mental activities into a unified activity. With a little planning, you can create a lifestyle that keeps you physically and mentally fit.

Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Mental Fitness

If you’re ready for not just a physical energy boost but also mental sharpness, here are 4 ways you can bridge your physical and mental fitness routine.
  1. Listen to Podcasts
If you typically listen to music during a workout, try swapping the music for a podcast to feed your brain while training your body. It’s a great way to keep your mind sharp, and best of all, the brain actually retains information best when it’s at work. So, blending this with a physical workout ensures that you work both the left and right side of your brain.
  1. A Work Workout
Turn your job into a fitness source. In other words, create a workout group with your colleagues. If it’s a Wednesday Workout, have fun working out together during your lunch break. You could even take a power walk to discuss important projects. It’s the perfect opportunity to swap out the fast food lunches and bridge health to your work environment.
  1. Say Yes to Yoga
Whether you’re a hardcore weightlifter or more into cardio, try saying yes to yoga. You’ll feel calm and peaceful and you’ll get to nourish the mind as you learn to listen to your inner voice while strengthening those muscles. Yoga is also a great way to stay alert and increase your focus.
  1. Food for Body and Mind
Both your mind and body perform optimally when you maintain a healthy diet. There are some foods that help you fight off disease and strengthen the mind.

Maybe start adding blueberries and avocados for memory to your diet?

Physical and Mental Fitness Work Together

When it comes to physical and mental fitness, they go hand-in-hand for optimal wellbeing. Remember to make time for both physical and mental relaxation too. This ensures both body and mind continue to work in harmony.

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Image: Pexels