Are you ready for a brand-new path?


Is it ever too late to find your own path, or even start over?

This is something I often think about.

I look around and it seems as though everyone’s career is flourishing. Many people I know are on top of their game. Everyone’s hustling.

Sound familiar?

Yet, there are times when you might feel stuck.

You’re out there working day by day, but you’re just not going the results you want.

You think it’s just too late to start.

But, wait!

What if I told you there is a way to shift to a new experience? Rather than believing your new paycheck or your future dream car is what brings happiness, you took a couple of steps to start your own brand-new journey?

What if you could start anew today, and make a exquisite shift in your life?

It Really Is All About Change

It may sound like a cliché, yet it’s true; life really is all about change.

Think about it. Our bodies change. The months change. Situations and conditions change.

Surely that means we are meant to evolve and change. In fact, youngsters just starting out on their careers expect change. These days, people experiment with careers and change their minds as they decide what does and doesn’t work best for them.

Well, you can do the same with something that is important to you.

Perhaps you do feel a little stuck. Maybe you don’t know what you need to start your own journey. Perhaps you’ve allowed your unhappiness to become so embedded that you don’t realize what could shift you towards a happier space.

So, how about we shake things up right now?

Let’s start by considering why you think it’s too late to move forward and what you can do to begin that shift.

What’s Holding You Back?
  1. You’ve Invested Too Much Time in This Path
I know how easy it is to get caught up in the here and now that you end up putting off making a change. But, here’s the thing: the path you’re on right now is useless if it is not what you want for yourself.

Look, changing course doesn’t mean chucking away everything you’ve built up. This path you’re on right now will certainly serve some purpose on your new journey.

More importantly, the “here and now” path is what has made you who you are.
  1. You’re Worried About What Other People Think
I want to ask you this: are these the same people who are unhappy on their current journeys, too? Are they living a stagnant life with no intention of change? It’s likely. Surround yourself with life’s go-getters. Find those who are living their best lives and associate with them. You may be surprised at how uplifting and motivating this can be.
  1. A New Journey Means Reflecting
I have found that reflecting has taught me to always look at every experience,

even a shuffle backward (especially chaos and difficulty) as preparation for many steps forward.

 What Can You Do to Start Your Own Journey?
  1. Figure It Out
What do you want?

I promise you that this is the hardest part of the new journey. But, even if your answer seems far-fetched, it is there, somewhere, within you. You have urges, feelings, and ideas, and you probably know more about what you want than you actually realize, you might just never have thought about it.

What’s your ideal career? Is it right in front of you? 99 percent of us start on the wrong career path. Jot down all of your ideas and desires and figure out what it is you really want to do.
  1. Make a Plan. Make It Actionable
This is something I like to do with just about everything in my life. It just makes those daunting “can’t do” tasks totally doable. Make a plan, break it down into mini actionable items and then work on one item a day to begin your own journey. You’re bound to make amazing progress, no matter how small that one item is in a day.
  1. Start Crossing Things Off Your List
Execute your plan slowly but surely. Cross your items off your list one by one as you take one step at a time on your new path.

Don’t become someone who says they’ll make a change, want to make a change, but never takes action.

We all deserve to live the life we crave. But it is up to us to make it happen. Only you can give yourself the gift of your own brand-new journey.

Have you ever felt it’s too late to go after what you want? Still feeling that way? I know you can make the change you need.

Every waterfall starts with a drop.


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Image: Pexels