My Mental, Emotional, Physical essence 
through many years of conscious effort 
and habit will move forward without effort. 
Right? THAT is perhaps the lazy/comfortable approach 
that I have found myself 
slipping into. 
I have to check myself, as a human I/we easily 
can slip into "bad" habits, 
( choices,lack of exercise,emotional/mental care). 
It does and will always take some conscious effort, 
some days more than others.
Sometimes the "best" lessons are not so comfortable.
Today was a tough day for myself. I give credit to "Discernment?" 
(the ability to obtain sharp perceptions or to judge well,
it can be psychological or moral in nature.)

Short and to the point.

That is my takeaway. 

“All things which greatly hurt me greatly teach me”Karen Salmansohn