My constant interaction with people, over my many-year journey through life experiences, has confidently opened my mind to the possibility that there are many areas in the human mind that have yet to be fully appreciated. One example, is that the individuals that are in the autistic spectrum (ASD) often possess traits such as: kinder manners, better performance in chores, excellent project completion, expertise in specific areas, and attention to detail. In addition, great memories are another very specific trait.
Some disadvantages could include: socially awkward, lack of understanding emotions, often difficulty with motor skills. I have met and know brilliant individuals who are autistic and they all posses various forms of brilliance from: Eidetic memory, an expert in math to the point of obsession, and creative thinking in both deductive and inductive reasoning until a new vision is created. People with ASD can be dedicated to a fault. 
There is much more to the story than is presented in common press.

Famous Autistic People:

Charles Darwin

Albert Einstein



Isaac Newton

Thomas Jefferson


Some brilliant individuals in that group?

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