As I work through my calf injury, I have been spending time on the core area. Why? I have (had) no idea!  Coincidence? Maybe? Sure, I have always kept the midsection involved in the routine consistently, but over the past few months I have tripled my efforts.   Is my posture getting better? I think so… maybe a coincidence? I used to have a nagging, lower-back ache that would sneak in occasionally…coincidence. Where did the little pest go?

Two solid core exercises:

Bicycle Crunches – Fit in 4 one minute sets and the burn will set in!


Planks -  work in 3 or 4 one minute holds!


Do a few sets during the commercials ๐Ÿ™‚ …time to work the core!

Is it all a bunch of coincidences, or possibly an increase in core activity is part of a healthy solution!