With the weather turning cold and colder, brrr… we tend spend more time indoors.

To help me keep active. I usually turn towards my Cardio Friends to get the burn on. Some friends over a long winter…

Do you like to spin? A 60 minute high resistance for some solid muscle endurance.




The Stepmill? Low impact, nice lower body exercise, 20-60 minutes does the trick!


How about the Elliptical? Full body, I will occasionally hit this one for a light low zone workout for about 60 minutes.


A Treadmill is always a solid burn! I visit this one regularly. Sprints and/or long slow runs!


The Rowing machine is one of my favorites for a full body burn. Try this for 30 minutes…results!




Often I will mix it up with some variety.  A good solid burn could be to tackle two or three machines at 10-30 minutes each.

Keep it interesting. Call on your Cardio Friends for help…don’t let the cold stop you!


.“Above all challenge yourself. You may well surprise yourself at what strengths you have, what you can accomplish.” -Cecile Springer