As children we are reminded to drink our milk, and I did do just that until adulthood. A few months back I started to drink milk regularly again. Not only did I include milk into my regular diet it has also become a favorite post work out refreshment. If my workout is a high intensity, with lots of sugar burned …I might make it a glass of Chocolate milk . Of course I do still enjoy a cold protein shake as well, but a glass of milk does the job nicely.

milk-mark-salinas-healthy-living-today1Why Milk?

Milk has Vitamin D and Calcium:

Vitamin D – plays a crucial role in maintaining bone health. When blood levels of calcium drop, the body responds in several ways. It promotes the conversion of vitamin D into its active form, which then travels to the intestines (to encourage greater calcium absorption into the blood) and to the kidneys (to minimize calcium loss in the urine).For bone health, an adequate intake of vitamin D is very important.

Calcium – Despite the debates involving milk & calcium, one thing is very clear: adequate calcium – both for bone development and for non-bone functions is key to reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Also reportedly helps reduce the incidence of tooth decay.

Is a glass of milk more beneficial for recovery than a sports drink?

Some say yes…

The results found that, when consumed immediately after resistance-based muscle damaging exercise, both semi-skimmed milk and milk-based CHO-P helped to preserve more muscle than either the sports drink or water, reports the Dairy Council.

This study supports the growing volume of literature which suggests that milk is a powerful post exercise recovery aid, said Dr Judith Bryans, a registered nutritionist and director of The Dairy Council in the UK.

Some options to consider if you have Lactose Intolerance.

My perspective:  Obviously there are other options for one to get similar benefits as milk but I do appreciate the fact that milk is a less expensive alternative than most and does seem to be working very well with me.

Maybe a glass of milk will work for you?



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