We should really get back to an area that most of us Love to work on! πŸ™‚ How about the tummy? TUMMY is the word of the day! 15-20 minutes of some Tummy work…care to join me?

Tummy Exercise One

-Lie on the floor, put pillow under your lower back for support.
-With your ankles together raise your legs into the air about 12 inches off of the ground.
-Tighten your abs and squeeze your buttocks.
-Breathe in as you slowly spread your legs outwards.
-Hold for a count of 5 seconds
-Breathe out as you slowly bring your legs together.
-Do 5-10 then lower your legs to the ground and move onto exercise 2.

Tummy Exercise 2

(This exercise is known as a Bicycle Crunch)

-Stay on your back. Hands behind your head.
-Raise the left knee perpendicular to the floor while the other leg is stretched out.
-Slowly lift your upper body and bring the right elbow to touch your left knee.
-Alternate this procedure by bringing the left elbow to the right knee.
-Repeat this procedure for minimum twenty times in a pedaling motion.

Repeat both exercises 3-5 sets!

Some tummy burn is a good thing! Yes?

You’ll know your limits until you try to extend them and even then, one has to break out of his/her comfort zone to appreciate that effort. -Dansky