Today it is January 20th 2009. For me it is an amazing day for two reasons…my daughter turns 11 and WE as a country are climbing over a major hurdle! What do the events of today say to you? Are you a republican a democrat or neither? Does it really matter? I say no it doesn’t matter! Today we are ONE, a time to believe, a time for change. For me today says dreams can come true, today says progress. Some fabulous individuals on Twitter give us their take….

chrisbrogan ” that the US might get their face back at the world table…”

LizScherer “Hope, value, community, strength, and peace”

shaboom “Events of the day ==> Believe! (Mary Engelbreit’s Santa illustration with a new face.)”

kionee “that people are excited and hopeful for a better future even during this hard times. it’s extraordinary”

paulina1 “That things can change. That maybe we are turning the tide and that we ALL have a chance at a new beginning”

lynj65 ” The 44 th peaceful transfer of power in this great nation”

MyMelange ” We are in good hands. After 8 long years, we have a intelligent, caring, thoughtful President who truly will do his best 4 us”

latarahamying “Today’s events tell me that finally I can put down my bags and breathe! Living in America finally feels safer for me!”

MizFitOnline “that the prejudice I watched my parents endure when I was a child may be a thing of the past for my daughters generation “

Today we can unite and share a common belief…HOPE! So I ask you what do the events of today say to you??