Often we have a brief moment of excitement or a burst of energy followed by some motivation to get the body moving. And often these moments are temporary and will fade into an after thought.  Well…..I have a few tips that I use to get my butt into gear, maybe you can use some of these tips yourself to get going? Have a look:

1) Set a consistent time for your work out. Make it habit!

2) Prior to the workout visualize yourself having a fabulous workout! Mental preparation….GO STRONG!

3) Set up a punishment list for missing workouts. Skip the workout, you owe your spouse, good friend, child, somebody! Make sure you have this pre-arranged so they can hold you accountable!

4) Remember the hardest part of the workout is often getting your butt started! Once you get a few minutes into your routine, you will be on your way. So remind yourself, “I’ll just go in and do 1 set of the first 2 exercises, then I can goâ€Β. Before you know it… you’ll have finished the entire workout.

5) Find a workout partner…If you have a workout partner you don’t want to let them down (more accountability). Or create a blog that you can share your fitness journey with, check out 360 degrees of DC, Annette’s Awakening and DaDiva’s Street for some incredible examples!

6) Crank the tunes! I can’t think of anything that motivates me like music.

7) Reward yourself. Finish your workout and treat yourself to a TV show, some extra time with your family, some new songs for your IPOD, or even a little extra time for yourself.

8)Review your goals everyday. Keeping your goals fresh in your mind will help you stay on track.  Journal it use online resources like Fitday.

Think about it? Who is in control? YOU are! Time to get the butt moving!

“Life is NOT a journey in which you tip-toe to the grave, but rather you slide in loudly proclaiming! WOW, what a ride!!!