Do you ever feel guilty when you head to the gym to workout leaving your kids behind? How about doing a workout with your kids while having fun at the same time? Five fun exercises you and your kids can do:


1. Hopscotch

Grab a piece of chalk and head to the driveway for a game of hop scotch. All of the hopping and bending will make your legs burn and your heart race. A good game can last 15-20 minutes.

2. Jumping Jacks

We all are familiar with Jumping Jacks, the heart pumps while having fun. Try 50 jacks, 4 times…my kids love these for some reason!

3. Obstacle courses

Challenge kids to use a variety of different skills by setting up an obstacle course at the park using playground equipment or other items, such as jump ropes, balls and cones. A fun workout!

4. Playground Health Club
Join your child on the exercise equipment. Swing, hang, slide, skip, crawl, climb, laugh.

5. Dancing

Turn the music on and dance away….if you have a toddler put a mirror out. Fun to watch their expressions!

-Maybe replace one day each week to the gym with some of these fitness fun activities? Your child will probably appreciate it and maybe even give you a big hug!

Children who get regular exercise have advantages over those who do not. They tend to have more stamina, less health problems, higher self-esteem, and an ability to control their weight more easily. So turn off the computer and the television, oh yes hide the handheld gaming machines. Encourage children to get more exercise.

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