How are you doing with the back of those arms, specifically the triceps? The tricep muscles are located on the back of the upper arm. It can be a difficult area to tone. This weeks challenge is for those Triceps!

A Tricep Dip is an effective toning exercise. It uses a persons own body weight as resistance. It can be performed almost anywhere and does not require weights.

Ready? Grab a bench or chair. It will need to be sturdy enough to hold your body weight. Stand in front of the bench, with your back to it.

1-Place your hands on the bench with palms down and your knuckles facing forward. Hands should be slightly closer than shoulder width apart. As you are doing this you will bend at the knees and your legs should be at a 90-degree angle.

2-Lower your body by bending at the elbow. Exhale slowly as you bend. Lower for a count of three. Keep elbows in tight, they should not point out away from the body as you lower.

3-Straighten your arms out. This will push your body back up. Inhale slowly as you straighten your arm.

*Complete 15-20 repetitions. This is considered one set. Do two to three sets. Rest your triceps for a minute in between sets. You should feel the burn!

*Modify if necessary. First time doing this exercise…do 2 sets of twelve. If you are used to this exercise put a weight on your lap and do 5 sets of 20! ( Either way, towards the end of the set it should get difficult to perform the exercise. Perform enough repetitions of the tricep dip to work the muscle to fatigue without causing pain.)

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