It is time to peek back at some posts over the week….I was introduced to kids treadmills at Cranky Fitness. Yup true story, they now have treadmills for the kids! My first response was how about they get their behinds outside and play! Oh yea I tried that with my kids, always a battle, sigh. So what motivates the child to exercise on a treadmill? In my house TOYS and/or MONEY would motivate my kids, bad example daddy I know! Or, If I had a treadmill at home, my kid was a toddler and wanted to copy me it would be kinda fun. Take a look for yourself –> EIlipticals and Treadmills… For Kids?. Okay, moving on… many of you have had shin splints? Fortunately it has been a few months for me, but they do put a major damper in my exercise choices when they surface! Christine Kambourakis reminds us that shin splints are avoidable and treatable with a little TLC, she provides us with insight in Eliminate Shin Splints……. Aren’t we constantly faced with weight and health related issues in our country today? Would it be helpful if we looked back and determined what some of the causes are so we can work towards solutions? Shereen Jegtvig of shares: Obesity – What Was the Tipping Point?…… Another popular issue today, what do you know about HFCS ? Let’s see what Sheila of LiveWell360 has to say High Fructose Corn Syrup for President……. Finally, an amazing runners journey, k in the Morning Runner.