A shift from the physical to the mental. The Right Brain vs Left Brain test … you might have already seen this one, it is interesting.

Look closely, which direction is the dancer spinning?


Some will claim if you see her spinning clockwise, you use more of your right-brain than your left-brain, if you see her spinning counter-clockwise you use more of your left-brain than your right-brain. Others will claim this is just an optical illusion.


uses logic, detail oriented, facts rule, words and language, present and pastmath and science, can comprehend, knowing, acknowledges order/pattern perception knows object name, reality based, forms strategies, practical, safe

uses feeling, “big picture” oriented, imagination rules, symbols and images
present and future, philosophy & religion, can “get it” (i.e. meaning)
believes, appreciates, spatial perception, knows object function
fantasy based, presents possibilities, impetuous, risk taking

– –

By looking around the image, focusing on the shadow or some other part, you may force your visual system to reconstruct the image and it may choose the opposite direction, and suddenly the image will spin in the opposite direction.

Do you see the dancer turning clockwise or counter-clockwise? Can you control the direction?


Original Source: Unknown