A challenge over the weekends for me has been snacking, in the past I would grab what was convenient which usually was not a healthy choice. If was going to take larger strides during my journey to a healthier me, not only was activity important but I also needed to pay attention to my eating habits.

First thing we did was not to have junk food around…avoid the temptation. Throw it away!

Next my wife came up with what she calls “The Healthy Grub Bag”

Not necessarily a bag but it had a nice ring to it!

We are away from home often on the weekends so we bring a cooler (Healthy Grub Bag) with. While at home, plates in the fridge and a basket on the counter with healthy goodies easily accessible.

Our “Healthy Grub Bag” might contain water bottles, fruit, vegetables, yogurt, string cheese , crackers and almonds.

Maybe take a few minutes and put together your “Healthy Grub Bag ” for your weekend. The key is convenience, easy to get at. I am not suggesting to become ravenous and over eat, continue to make smart decisions with your food consumption.

Let’s make the healthier food choices more convenient. Avoid the junk food!

What would you put in your “Healthy Grub Bag?”

Stay Healthy! Keep your Journey going strong this weekend!