The journey continues with day 2 of Tweightloss , team Twit Fit is ambitious and actively pursuing results!

The biggest challenge for many of us is getting started, where do I start, how, what?

I read a fantastic article at WebMD that provides a wealth of information that would be beneficial to anybody that wants to become more active….

“There you are, sitting on the couch, remote in hand, thinking, I should be exercising. If only I weren’t too tired to get off the couch!” Indeed, fatigue is among the most common complaints doctors hear. But you might be surprised to learn that experts say one of the best antidotes to beating fatigue and boosting energy is to exercise more, not less.

It’s now been shown in many studies that once you actually start moving around — even just getting up off the couch and walking around the room — the more you will want to move, and, ultimately, the more energy you will feel,” says Robert E. Thayer, PhD, a psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach, and author of the book Calm Energy: How People Regulate Mood With Food.

And, experts say, when it comes to fighting fatigue, not all exercise is created equal. Read on to find out what kind of exercise — and how much — you should be doing for optimum energy-boosting results.”

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Get up move around, the energy will start to flow. Each day add a new goal to your journey. Maybe 10 push ups, tomorrow maybe stop eating snacks after dinner etc. ? Take a step at a time….

“Every waterfall starts with a drop!”

Stay active! Stay healthy!

What step(s) will you do today to move towards the results you desire?