I want to share with you my day in Boot Camp. At 5 am we started out on the Step mill, 2 minutes, level 20, 5 times with 30 second breaks. Initial gym work consisted of 5 sets of 20 push ups with “Bear Crawlswith weights in between each. Next, 3 sets of Superback“( Chest Press, Bent Over Row, Rear Delt Row) with a sprint in between each. Then…3 sets of burpees and a Shuttle Run in between. Finally 10 pushups followed by sprints around the gym 3 times…3 sets. Lots of push ups and running!

First hour complete.

Sweating and tired looking forward to another 60 minute workout.. NOT!

We took the next hour outside. Greg the “fearless” leader had a devious look on his face!

“Horse pulls” across a 100 yd. parking lot up a 50 ft. hill and back 3 times! Followed by…..

more push ups…lots of them! Shoulder presses across the parking lot, traveling lunges with curls on the return (3 sets). Ok, back inside Pyramid runs around both gyms, ending with more pushups….I am worn out, thank you!

Not that calories are everything but….2100 calories burned and mission accomplished!

There you have it a morning in Boot Camp!