A huge reason for my passion around fitness and health is my family. I want to be around and active for many years to come and this reminder was made more clear recently.

As we entered the weekend Mother Nature brought chaotic unpredictable weather with her. Black, green, wall clouds moving in opposite directions, followed by intense 40-60 mph winds. My wife, children and I watched from our lower level as the pea size hail pelted everything in sight outside. My daughter asked me, her voice shaking, “daddy what do you have in your special box?”

” Special box?” I asked.

“Daddy, everybody should have a special box that you can take with you in case everything is lost.”

A light went off in my head……what if some crazy act of nature or a fire were to destroy everything?

Now of course we want to think positive and not over react, but my daughter made a pretty valid point.

“Honey, I will make a Special Box. Everything is going to be fine.” I said, hopefully in a reassuring voice.

But, what would I want in my Special Box that money cannot replace?

Let’s go with my daughters parameters, a Special Box is the size of a shoe box.

My Special Box:

1)Many individual and group pictures of my family.

2)Drawings made in school from each of my three children.

3)A very old belt that my late grandfather gave me.

4)Cd of family movies, memories.

Sometimes my children remind me what life is all about and why I want to stay healthy.

What would you keep in your Special Box that you cannot replace with money?