I like to have a variety of exercises in my workout routine, one of the additions to my routine is to do one hour of Bosu training one-two times per week.

What is a Bosu?

The BOSU balance trainer is a piece of workout equipment that looks like a balance ball on one side and half hard plastic on the other side. The name comes from “both sides utilized,” which describes how you can use this piece of equipment ball side up or reversed.


Core More often the first Bosu exercise that many are aware of is the abdominal workout. My preferred core workout is to have someone throw a medicine ball while I am seated on the Bosu. I catch it, go back slightly, rotate side to side, then throw it back. Or they throw to either side and I catch it. I usually do 50 with 5 sets. This Bosu exercise really works the oblique muscles. Sore abs are certain to follow the following day!

Legs I use two hand weights or a bar over my shoulders and do a forward lunge while the foot lands on top of the Bosu. Great for balance. I do 3 sets of 20 each side. Another challenging exercise is to stand on the Bosu with both feet and do squats. Also great for balance, buttocks and legs (3 sets of 20).

Chest and Shoulders A fantastic chest, shoulder and triceps workout is to flip the Bosu over and grip the edge of the ball, hands shoulder width apart. I do 5 sets of 20 push ups…very challenging to keep the ball balanced. I also do burpees holding the bosu.

(3 sets of 20)

If you have an opportunity to try some of these exercises out…..you might be impressed with the results, and always go at your own pace and modify when necessary.

Visit Bosu for more information.

Stay healthy!