The 4th of July celebration is upon us. Many of us tend to take a detour from our healthy routine during the holidays. The process of a healthy lifestyle can continue to stay its course, and yes you can and should continue to have fun! My biggest challenge is the eating and exercise…in the past I would eat more and exercise less. Sound familiar?

Some actions that I/we have taken to assist during these challenging periods.

We will eat a big nourishing breakfast, oatmeal, eggs, maybe melted cheese on whole grain toast or a wrap.

Get plenty of Vitamin C, maybe through Orange juice.

An early run for about 1 hour, zone 3….a fast walk will work.

Include salads, vegetable, fruits on the snack table(s)….my wife makes certain of this so this is one is easy.

One of my favorite quotes :

“Learn to say “No Thank Youâ€Β. You do not have to try every dish prepared or eat all that you take. Starving children around the world will not benefit from the extra pounds of body fat you will accumulate after you clear your plate several times to be polite. “

While food is being prepared, only sample the food that is necessary. You could potentially eat 500-800 calories in sampling before you sit down to eat. Ask your family/friends to taste and give feedback as well.

Eat ONLY until you are satisfied, NOT full. If you sit at the dinner table for more then 2 hours, you are probably going to eat more then you need to because it’s there. Pay attention to when your body feels good, not when you need to unbutton your pants!

We drink lots of water and will usually snack on raw almonds!

Okay..I am starting to ramble. Have a fulfilling weekend, stay healthy…most of all have fun!