In my previous post Hip Flexor and Fitness I shared with you some of my challenges in overcoming injuries, specifically the hip flexor. One very important tool that I have used in my preventative and recovery routine has been the foam roller, yes I said foam roller. “What is a foam roller?”

I would describe it as a “long, round, foam thing.”

I use the foam roller for loosening up my leg muscles and hip flexors. But most often it has been my only source of relief in the hard to “relieve” places.

Have a look at some of the foam roller exercises that I perform daily:

One-Legged Hip Extension on Roller*
With the roller under the hips and chin resting on forearms, bend one leg until the shin is perpendicular to the floor. Keep the abs in and squeeze the glutes to lift the bent leg straight up, sole of the foot towards the ceiling. Try not to arch the back.

Bent-Leg Hip Extension on Roller

In the same position as the previous exercise, bend both legs, squeeze the feet together and lift the feet up towards the ceiling, using only the glutes and not the back.

Side Leg Lift on Roller
Lie on your side with the roller under the hip. Rest on your forearm and take the top arm in front of you, hand on floor for support. Life the top leg up, foot flexed, squeezing the outer thigh. For a challenge, keep that leg up and try to lift the bottom leg up to meet it (this is tough!). Lower and repeat before switching sides.

I perform these exercises for approximately 2-3 minutes each. Go at your own pace…maybe add a little more pressure as you get comfortable.

Without a doubt these exercises have been a HUGE relief for me in my recovery!

I would like highly recommend that any person involved in fitness, keep a foam roller around for both preventative and healing purposes. For me very therapeutic!

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Happy Rolling!

As always I want to remind you that these are my experiences and I always suggest you consult with your Medical Professional.

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