Over the past couple of years I have had to overcome various injuries, from the twisted ankle to sore knees. Nothing has been more challenging than my Hip Flexor issues. Not only does it cause pain, it has slowed me down…..it is very frustrating! I have had to modify my work outs with much less running involved. Sometimes the healing process has taken weeks even months! Do you or have you had Hip Flexor issues?

Some steps that I have taken:*


Make certain you find proper shoes that work for you! Often I have I have had shoes that have been part of the problem.


A stretch that I perform in the morning, evening and prior to a lower body work out.

Lean forward keeping your back straight with the knee on the ground.

Place your hand on the ground to keep your balance (if necessary).

Keep your head up and look straight ahead, do not let the bent knee go past your foot.


I will do a warm up prior to performing an exercise, usually a 10 minute walk.


Overhead Lunges-A very effective exercise that I have used to open up my hip flexors.

Squat-An exercise that has helped me loosen up the hip flexor area.

If my hip flexor issue is causing me too much pain I will modify my cardiovascular exercise to include more walking.

Great information about walking at About.com.

Each day we face new challenges in our quest towards a healthy you. I hope I can provide you with positive insight through my experiences.

*These are steps that I have personally taken in my fitness journey. Always seek advice of your medical professional.