By Mark Salinas

Have you been to the gym and admired the person that can pop out many pull ups? Pull ups also known as a “chin up” is a great upper body work out. This exercise can improve the core, arms, shoulders and back immensely.

It is all in taking on the challenge of lifting ones own body weight. Krista Scott-Dixon in Life Experience wrote a great article titled “Clear the Bar.”

“Pull-ups make you seriously strong”, I have seen time and time again that the pull up is one of the “most effective measures of your strength-to-body-weight ratio.”

Again it is a fantastic work out for the core as well.

So how does one pull up so much weight? Muscle memory and technique…perform exercises that will improve strength in muscles involved in a pull up. Push ups, Lat Pull Downs and upright rows. Continue to work these exercises and before you know it, you should be able to increase your amount of pull ups performed.

Remember the Pull up is one of the most difficult yet beneficial exercises for your upper body. Make little adjustments, don’t get frustrated…..the results will come!